Waverley Launches World-Class Educational Program GymSkills Levels

It is with great excitement that Waverley Gymnastics announces the launch of our brand new, world-class, Educational Program GymSkills Levels.

Over the course of 2020, our Educational Team worked tirelessly to review, revise and advance our current (already fantastic) Educational Gymnastics levels program to create an even more progressive pathway with a particular focus on those key skills that every child wants to achieve!

This new curriculum caters for gymnasts at an entry-level all the way through to our newly introduced “Medallion Program” for those older gymnasts ready to take their gymnastics to the next level!

We have also increased our testing periods to twice a year to allow gymnasts to progress faster and enable us to provide optimal feedback and communication to you about how your child is progressing!

Throughout 2021, your child has been assessed during their classes to determine their appropriate level within the new curriculum and we emailed all our families letting you know which level your child is working towards.

*Please note that the new levels system should see gymnasts at a higher level than the one they were previously at.

To add to the excitement of our new curriculum, we have also partnered with a new design team to create customized Waverley Gymnastics level achievement pins that gymnasts will receive at the end of each testing period (these pins are absolutely gorgeous and we believe our gymnasts are going to love them)!

We are also giving all of our gymnasts a fantastic display frame to display their gymnastics pins as our way of saying thank you to all our loyal members for supporting your child’s gymnastics during these challenging times.

We hope you are just as excited for this new program as we are!

How Does Testing Work?

Passing each level in the 1 – 10 program is generally based on a gymnasts 6 month journey, meaning most gymnasts should pass one level every 6 months.

Due to the complexity of the skills in the advanced and medallion modules, gymnasts will generally take 1-2 years to pass these levels. Gymnasts are tested twice per year over a two-week period, once in Term Two and again in Term Four.

Each level and apparatus have a testing sequence which is made up of gymnastics skills that have already been taught in class.

Gymnasts will receive a progression certificate and pin (if they have achieved a pass rate for their level) at the end of the testing period

All previously passed level pins will be available for purchase!

If you have any questions please speak to your coach after their session or email us on educationalgym@wgc.org.au.