Our Mission

Our Mission: To achieve each gymnast’s full potential and enjoyment through exceptional coaching and management, in a child-safe, friendly and professional environment

Our Motto: To exceed the expectations of gymnasts, judges, parents and spectators

Our Goals:

  • To provide an exceptional and challenging gymnastics program at the educational level for both girls and boys.
  • To produce gymnasts capable of performing at the highest levels of excellence in the International stream of gymnastics, and of representing Australia successfully on the world stage at Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and other International gymnastics events.
  • To produce gymnasts capable of performing at high levels of excellence in both the ALP Unlimited and Limited streams of gymnastics.
  • To provide a safe and first-class gymnastics environment for gymnasts to enjoy learning technically correct gymnastics skills.
  • To maintain a high coach-to-gymnast ratio for personalised attention.
  • To continually update and improve our facilities to ensure they are of the highest possible quality for all of our members.
  • To enhance each gymnast’s physical, mental and personal development through:
    – An appreciation of teamwork
    – An opportunity to perform in competitions
    – An environment that encourages personal friendships
    – Promoting a love of gymnastics, good work ethic, self-discipline and respect
  • To provide a supportive and motivational work environment for staff, with opportunities for advancement and ongoing education, as well as appropriate compensation, recognition and reward.