Junior Gymnastics

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Junior Gymnastics classes are 50 minutes, once a week, and full of fun and learning for girls and boys! Our program offers both parent-assisted classes led by our coaching staff for children ages 2-4 years; as well as non-parent-assisted classes for children 4 years old and over (not yet attending primary school).

Our structured curriculum provides:

  • Sequential learning of gymnastic skills; incorporating the use of trampolines, beams, bars, sprung floor, foam pit, foam shapes, and various teaching aids.
  • Improved coordination, balance, and confidence, thus, a strong foundation for any future sporting endeavors.
  • School readiness as they learn to focus and follow instructions through to completion.
  • An environment for learning.

If you have any questions about our Junior Gymnastics program please contact the office on 9887-9611, or email us.