Educational Gymnastics Coaching Staff

Monica Ellis

Educational Gymnastics Manager

Monica Ellis

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Shae Christian

Shae Christian

Oakleigh Campus Coordinator

Gymnastics History: I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old and continued through recreational, gymstar and teen programs until I was 14 years old.

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate +

Other Qualifications: Diploma of Sport and Development, First aid and CPR

Fun Fact: I bungee jumped in New Zealand in 2019

Why I became a coach: I become a coach to share my passion for gymnastics with the younger generation. My goal is to empower children and young people to become happy, confident and strong-willed through gymnastics and sport.

Sienna P

Sienna Pennuto

Glen Waverley Campus Coordinator

Gymnastics History: I started WAG when I was six, training at BUGS then MLC. My family then moved interstate and I joined a club in Darwin!

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate WAG Coach

Other Qualifications: Intermediate Plus WAG Judge

Fun Fact: I competed in a gymnastics competition in Singapore!

Why I became a coach: I became a coach because I wanted to be involved in gymnastics after I stopped competing and pass on my gymnastics passion to the next generation of gymnasts.

Caitlyn Montgomery

Caitlyn Montgomery

Medallion Program Coach

Gymnastics History: Did gymnastics for 13 years total (8 years at Waverley), reached senior international level

Coach Accreditations: Advanced Module 1 

Other Qualifications: Supervisor qualifications, first aid/cpr qualifications

Fun Fact: Born in Northern Ireland

Why I became a coach: To create a positive and healthy environment to help gymnasts achieve their goals!

Anya Wickremasinghe
Anya Wickremasinghe

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: Completed Waverley Gymnastics Centre Educational Level 8

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate Coach

Other Qualifications: 

Fun Fact: I bumped into Novak Djokovic at a beach after he won the Australian Open

Why I became a coach: I love to help kids achieve new gymnastics skills, whilst enjoying themselves

Nikita Bulach

Nikita Bulach

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: National level 7

Coach Accreditation: Inter+

Other Qualifications: CPR, level 2 first aid

Fun Fact: I am scared of jellyfish

Why I became a coach: I wanted to pass on my knowledge to others to help them enjoy gymnastics as much as I did

Catherine Ayre

Catherine Ayre

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: WAG Limited level 7

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate +

Other Qualifications: Completion of year 12

Fun Fact: My favourite thing on a rainy day is reading.

Why I Became a Coach: To continue being part of the wonderful gymnastics community and help all the young gymnasts achieve their goals.

Michael Blight

Michael Blight

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics history: Did gymnastics for 7 years until 2016 then became a coach in 2018 

Coach accreditation: I’m a qualified scuba diver and training paramedic 

Fun fact: I like parkour and free running and can solve a rubrics cube in under 2 mins

Why I became a coach: I became a coach to be around gymnastics as I loved it growing up and wanted to continue to be apart of it

Marcellus Shiell

Marcellus Shiell

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: Did recreational gymnastics for over 13 years at Waverley

Coach Accreditation: Beginner. Hoping to get intermediate

Fun Fact: My eyes are different colours

Why I became a coach: To share the passion for gymnastics that was shared with me.

Chloe Frost

Chloe Frost

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: 10 years in competitive gymnastics 

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate 

Why I became a coach: to be able to help kids improve on their gymnastics like how my gymnastics coach did the same for me  

Jordan Todd

Jordan Todd

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Full Name: Jordan Todd

Gymnastics History: 3 years in WGC edu program

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate +

Other Qualifications: First Aid Cert

Fun Fact: I play bass guitar in a Band

Why I became a coach: As a gymnast my coach at the time always encouraged me to become a coach and I’ve loved every moment of it since.

Kiara Neves

Kiara Neves

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Full Name: Kiara Neves

Gymnastics History: (I was in squads when I was 7 – but none...)

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate (Module 1 Spotting)

Other Qualifications: CPR and First Aid

Fun Fact: I love tomatoes

Why I became a coach: to build more confidence in sports education – something that I am passionate about.

Taylor Montgomery

Taylor Montgomery

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: 9 years of gymnastics, competing in Ireland and for WGC national level 7

Coach Accreditation: Advanced module 1

Other Qualifications: first Aid, CPR

Fun Fact: I am northern Irish 

Why I became a coach: To help create a positive environment where others can learn and progress in the sport 

Chloe H

Chloe Hui

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: I completed the educational program about 2 years ago.

Coaching Accreditation: Beginner coach

Fun Fact: I love to play video games

Why I became a coach: I became a coach because I love working with children and building a relationship with them


Sama Ahmed

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: I have been a gymnast for 12 years and I'm currently a level 9 gymnast at MLC gymnastics 

Coach Accreditation: I am a beginner coach 

Other Qualifications: I Have my child safe certificate work safety and hazard certificate 

Fun Fact: I speak fluent Arabic 

Why I became a coach: I became a coach to give kids a chance to try gymnastics and make some new friends and learn new skills whilst staying safe and having fun 


Megan Smith

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: ACT State Level 7

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate + 

Other Qualifications: Currently completing Bachelor of primary education/Bachelor of arts

Fun Fact: In my spare time I like to (attempt to) recreate Masterchef recipes

Why I became a coach: I love how kids approach everything with optimism and wanted to surround myself with that every day


Tiana Schurmann

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History- I started gymnastics when I was 4 and competed until I was 14 in the national stream! After injury I had to stop training and so I began coaching. I moved from my hometown to Waverley in 2020 to coach alongside the incredible educational coaches.

Coach Accreditation- Intermediate with Spotting Qualifications 

Fun Fact- My favourite apparatus is Beam!

Why I Became a coach- When I was doing gymnastics myself, my coaches were the people I looked up to the most. Being able to be that role model whilst doing something I love is the exact reason I come to work everyday and have continued to coach for the past 7 years.


Tyra Kousis

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: Level 6 Gymnast 

Coach Accreditation: Edu Beginner coach. BEGC level: BEG 

Fun Fact: I have been a gymnast from 4 years old

Why I became a coach:  I love teaching young kids and watching them grow and develop there skills. I love to be able to guide them though there young gymnastics journey. It’s a passion to be able to be a influence on theses young kids


Elisha Duckett

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: Educational Gymnast (8 years)

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate Spotting Plus + (Supervisors)

Other Qualifications: First Aid

Fun Fact: I'm one of eight children (classic go to)

Why I became a coach: I saw it as a great opportunity to work with gymnasts to develop their skills.


Mikaela Williams

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History:  Educational Gymnastics Program at WGC in 2014, 6 months later I joined the National Gymnastics Program. Competitive gymnast reaching National Level 7. I retired from gymnastics in late 2019.  

Coach Accreditation:  WGC Coach Development Program and Beginner Coach Accreditation Theory and Practical

Other Qualifications:  Surf Rescue Certificate and am CPR certified. 

Fun Fact: I am a coeliac. 

Why I became a coach:  I always wanted to be a coach. I grew up practicing, learning, and understanding how skills are taught and achieved and I loved being a part of the gymnastics community and gym life.

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Jessica Latimer

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastic history: Previous WGC National Level 8 Gymnast

Coach accreditation: GA Beginner Coach 

Fun fact: Currently completing year 10 

Why I became a coach: I became a coach because I love gymnastics and love seeing everyone having fun and laughing. 


Taneisha Thom

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: None, however have done acrobatics 

Coach Accreditation: Beginner 

Fun Fact: I have danced for 16 years  

Why I became a coach: To help edu gymnasts grow and develop a variety of skills but also have fun at the same time.


Max Narvaez

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gym History: level 6 Edu 

Qualifications: Beginner (but i’ve done intermediate online) 

Why I became a coach: I loved doing gym when I was little and I love seeing all the smiling faces the kids have when they come into the gym. 


Divnoor Kaur

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: I began gymnastics when I was 5 years old and competed up to state level 5 before pursuing coaching in Gymnastics and focusing on school. 

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate WAG and MAG Coach

Other Qualifications: Beginner WAG Judge

Fun Fact: I love to travel and explore!

Why I became a coach: To give back to the community of Gymnastics as it was a huge part of my life as a child and I hope to make Gymnastics enjoyable for every gymnast I come across just like it was for me.


Isabella Fewster

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics history: 4 years education program at WGC

Coach accreditation: Beginners coaching qualification

Fun fact: I use to do dance for 6 years before starting gymnastics!

Why I became a coach: I choose to become a coach as WGC as I have always had a strong interest and passion in gymnastics, and I loved the idea of being able to see and coach young gymnasts whilst in a positive learning environment and having fun!


Charlotte Bird

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: Educational Gymnastics

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate + (Tumbling & Spring Module)

Other Qualifications: Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Certificate II in Sports and Recreation, First Aid, Beginner and Intermediate Gymnastics Coaching Quals, Supervisor Qual,

Fun Fact: I love travelling and have visited 22 countries so far!

Why I became a coach: Passion for children’s health and well being!


Adaelia Thomas

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: 2015- Present (Level 10)

Coach Accreditation: Beginner Coach

Fun Fact: My favourite colour is blue!

Why I became a coach: I love doing gymnastics and wanted to spread the love for the sport with other children. I also like giving back to the community and coaching smiling kids makes me very happy!


Charlotte Ludekens

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: 3 years of educational gym (Lauriston campus)

Coach Accreditation: Beginner Coach

Fun Fact: Started coaching this year.

Why I became a coach: I became a coach because when I was a gymnast at Waverley, my dream was to become a coach one day as I looked up to my coaches so much!


Isabel Bulach

Educational Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics History: I did gymnastics for a year in prep!

Coach Accreditation: Beginner Coaching Accreditation

Fun Fact: My favourite food is ice-cream

Why I became a coach: I like working with kids because they are energetic and always make me laugh, doing the gymnastics is a bonus!