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Waverley Gymnastics Centre was formed in 1987 and has since established an outstanding reputation in all aspects of gymnastics, most particularly in Women's High Performance Gymnastics.

We believe that the key to happy, healthy and hungry to learn high performance gymnasts is the successful partnership of gymnast, parent, coach and management. For this partnership to flourish there needs to be mutual trust, open communication, and a shared vision. We believe in an athlete centred approach to all decision making to ensure athlete wellbeing is our highest priority. We are 100% committed to providing an inclusive, safe and fun environment where athletes thrive.

Waverley Gymnastics Centre is strongly committed to the care and wellbeing of our gymnasts, staff, and families. WGC has a number of additional supporting policies, codes of conduct and wellbeing strategies that have been created specifically to further support our members. WGC continually reviews these documents to ensure they are of the highest possible standard.

Waverley’s goal is to empower every gymnast to reach their individual potential. We aim to continue to empower and support gymnasts to be capable of successfully representing Victoria at the Australia National Championships and also to represent Australia at International competitions. Waverley is extremely proud to have gymnasts performing at the highest levels of excellence and successfully representing Australia at Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

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Level 10, Junior & Senior International Gymnasts:


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Matilda Brougham