National Club Championships

Well done to all Waverley gymnasts who competed at National Club Championships held in Gold Coast over the school holidays! It was a great way to foster team bonds within all our squads and we are so proud of how each gymnast represented Waverley!


Waverley walked away with 4th place in the Overall Champion Club awards - a fantastic effort by all our gymnasts and coaches involved! We are so incredibly proud of their efforts!

level 7s

Level 7 Team:

Congratulations to Neva Hunter, Khloe Rubi, Stephanie Armstrong, Nina Low, Alex Miao, Alex Stone, Danelle Van Biljon and Grace Yahpae on their performances!

Our gymnasts showcased some fantastic performances on Vault and Beam to take out 7th place in the All-Around competition. We especially loved seeing the team sportmanship and comraderie in the Level 7 team - well done gymnasts!


level 7s (1)

Level 8 Team:

Congratulations to Alice Johnson, Brooke Condon, Vonnie Xiao, Jaella Koski, Sofia Tarulli and Lucia Tang on their performances and contributions to the Level 8 Team!

A special mention to Alice Johnson who finished 2nd in the All-Around and on Bars in a field which included over 100 gymnasts! Brooke Condon wowed the judges with a beautiful floor routine which saw her snag Gold! Jaella Koski showcased a powerful vault winning the individual Bronze medal! Vonnie Xiao showed a very clean performance on Bars to place 6th and finally congratulations Sofia Tarulli with her 7th place finish on Beam!

level 7s (2)

Level 9 Team:

Congratulations to Jessie Kirk and Sama Ahmed on their performances in Level 9! These girls have been working incredibly hard to polish their routines the last few months and we are so proud of their efforts!

Well done to Sama Ahmed for placing 8th on vault and Jessie Kirk for finishing 13th on Beam! Jessie also received a special award in recognition of 'beautiful shapes on bars and a lovely high hiccup'.

level 7s (3)

Level 10 Team:

Congratulations to Jess Eland and Maddy Fenton on their individual performances!

Jess Eland had an oustanding competition finishing 8th in the All-Around and winning 5th place on Floor! Jess had some beautiful and strong tumble lines on floor!

Maddy Fenton had two top 20 placings, finishing 17th on Vault and Beam! Well done Maddy!

level 7s (4)

Future Team:

Congratulations to Chloe Horgan, Abigail Thom, Leandra Lewin, Chloe Kousis and Keira Woon who finished 6th in the International Stream! These gymnasts were up against the likes of Senior and Junior International gymnasts - they did an amazing job!

A special mention to Chloe Horgan who finished 7th in vault and 8th on beam in a pool of over 21 gymnasts.

Abby Thom showcased a beautifully clean and well executed bars routine finishing in 4th. Similarly Abby placed 6th on beam with excellent quality in all her skills.

Keira showcased a powerful vault placing 14th, well done! Keira also won a special award for 'Fabulous Artistry on Floor! So Amazing to Watch!'.

Chloe Kousis presented a lovely bars routine placing 11th!

Finally, well done to Leandra Lewin who placed 4th on Floor and also won the special award of 'Excellent Acknowledgement of the Audience'.


Level 7s
All-Around Vault Bars Beam Floor
7th 5th 11th 7th 9th
Level 8s
All-Around Vault Bars Beam Floor
Team 3rd 4th 4th 3rd 1st
Alice Johnson 2nd 11th 2nd 7th 12th
Brooke Condon 11th 36th 38th 14th 1st
Jaella Koski 22nd 3rd 65th 21st 17th
Sofia Tarulli 48th 72nd 63rd 7th 65th
Lucia Tang 60th 62nd 57th 52nd 84th
Vonnie Xiao 70th 91st 6th 59th 30th
Level 9s
All-Around Vault Bars Beam Floor
14th 13th 17th 14th 15th
Jessie Kirk 27th 14th 42nd 13th 37th
Sama Ahmed 55th 8th NA 42nd 51st
Level 10s
All-Around Vault Bars Beam Floor
Maddy Fenton 22nd 17th 28th 17th 25th
Jess Eland 8th 11th 10th 21st 5th
All-Around Vault Bars Beam Floor
Team 6th 13th 17th 14th 15th
Chloe Horgan 7th 10th 8th 13th
Abigail Thom 11th 4th 6th 17th
Keira Woon 14th 20th 16th 11th
Chloe Kousis 15th 11th 17th 18th
Leandra Lewin 16th 18th 11th 4th