Border Challenge Trials – Results

Border Challenge Trials

Congratulations to the 13 gymnasts who competed at the Border Challenge Trials over the weekend! The gymnasts had two days of competition and performed very well across both days.

It was fantastic to see an amazing amount of sportsmanship across the Waverley Team, with the gymnasts supporting one another during the competition.

Gymnastics Victoria will shortly announce which gymnasts have been selected to compete at the Border Challenge in Gold Coast later this year. Best of luck to our gymnasts on getting selected onto the team!


Level 7s AA Vault Bars Beam Floor AA Vault Beam Bars Floor
Sayuni Wickramasinghe 1st 1st 3rd 6th 11th 1st 2nd 4th 7th 12th
Neva Hunter 7th 11th 2nd 13th 10th 5th 4th 16th 6th 1st
Danelle Van Biljon 22nd 3rd 20th 17th 10th 7th 1st 6th 10th 11th
Sarah Jacka 6th 5th 6th 5th 15th 8th 3rd 1st 14th 14th
Stephanie Armstrong 11th 16th 5th 10th 14th 9th 16th 10th 1st 7th
Alexandra Stone 16th 9th 7th 15th 18th 14th 14th 3rd 14th 17th
Khloe Rubi 24th 2nd 15th 23rd 16th 15th 2nd 16th 19th 7th
Level 8s AA Vault Bars Beam Floor AA Vault Beam Bars Floor
Abby Thom 1st 8th 4th 2nd 10th 7th 17th 1st 3rd 13th
Lucia Tang 9th 18th 11th 4th 17th 19th 15th 4th 18th 18th
Vonnie Xiao 11th 6th 7th 17th 15th 5th 1st 7th 13th 9th
Jaella Koski 16th 4th 8th 22nd 16th 10th 2nd 13th 16th 6th
Brooke Condon 19th 15th 14th 14th 13th 6th 16th 3rd 7th 1st
Level 9s AA Vault Bars Beam Floor AA Vault Beam Bars Floor
Sama Ahmed 7th 3rd 9th 1st 8th 3rd 2nd 3rd 6th 6th
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