2022 National Championship Results

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Congratulations to the 18 Waverley gymnasts who competed at the 2022 Australian Gymnastics Championships. Our gymnasts walked away with 6 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals and 12 Bronze medals! For some of our girls it was their very first Nationals and they were beyond fantastic with how they carried themselves. Congratulations to Waverley's Senior International athletes who competed for a spot on the 2022 Commonwealth Games Team! Selected athletes will be announced soon!


Senior International:

Emily Whitehead, Romi Brown and Chloe Saliaris competed individually and for the Victorian Team, where they were subsequently crowned the Australian Champions in the team event. Exceptional results were achieved on all four apparatus!

Emily Whitehead performed spectacularly and was crowned the Australian Champion for Floor with an elite score of 13.533. She was also a silver medalist in All-Around, where she was narrowly beaten by fellow Tokyo Olympian, Georgia Godwin.

Romi Brown also did an exceptional job at Nationals coming back in time from an injury. Romi is the new Australian Champion for Bars where she scored a 13.633. Romi was also the Bronze medalist for All-Around.


Junior International:

Miella Brown, Olina Karatzias and Michaela Rodrigues all competed in the Junior International competition with amazing results. Michaela competed superbly for Victoria on Day 1 of Nationals, however was unable to compete on Day 2 due to injury. The Junior Internationals walked out with a Silver medal in the Team event.

Miella Brown continued her great form from the DtB Pokal Cup and was crowned the Australian Champion in Bars. Miella was also the Silver medalist in All-Around, with exceptional performances in all apparatus.


Future International:

Haylee Whitehead, Keira Woon and Chloe Kousis competed superbly in their respective competitions. Well done to Haylee and Keira who were both the recipients of the Team Silver Medal! Well done to Haylee who scored 8th in the All-Around with excellent performances across all apparatus and Keira Woon who placed 11th on floor. A special mention to Chloe Kousis who attended her first Nationals and had a great performance on bars!


Level 10:

All the girls performed outstanding routines within the hotly contested Level 10 competition with the gymnasts receiving the Team Bronze medal! Hanano Sakamoto received the Bronze individual medal with an amazing bars routine whilst Jessica Eland had consistent high scores on each apparatus, narrowly missing out on an individual medal in the All-Around placing 5th. Maddy Fenton also had a great competition with an excellent performance on beam, placing 10th.


Level 9:

Congratulations to both Jessie Kirk and Zhimei Ross on their performances at Nationals with both girls receiving a Team Bronze medal! Zhimei competed despite carrying an ankle injury and showcased a great floor routine on Day 1. Jessie Kirk progressed to the finals on Day 2 and had great performances on Vault (7th) and Beam (6th) to finish 14th in the All-Around.


Level 8:

Well done to Chloe Horgan and Alice Johnson who were both the recipients of the Team Bronze medal! This was the girls' first ever Nationals and they both performed fantastic routines despite the nerves! The Level 8 competition was also hotly contested with scores remaining very tight throughout the competition. Chloe did a fantastic job receiving the Bronze individual medal for the All-Around! Alice also had very strong routines on all apparatus, finishing 9th in the All-Around with strong performances particularly in floor and vault!


Senior International Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Romi Brown 4th 1st 6th 3rd 3rd
Emily Whitehead 2nd 4th 3rd 1st 2nd
Chloe Saliaris 11th 9th 14th 10th


Junior International Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Miella Brown 2nd 1st 5th 2nd 2nd
Olina Karatzias N/A 6th 4th 8th 7th


Future International Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Haylee Whitehead 12th 9th 10th 9th 8th
Keira Woon 15th 17th 17th 11th 16th
Chloe Kousis N/A 13th 19th 18th 18th


Level 10 (17 and over) Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Jessica Eland 5th 9th 8th 7th 5th
Hanano Sakamoto 7th 3rd 10th 16th 7th


Level 10 (14-16 yrs) Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Maddy Fenton 21st 17th 10th 24th 18th


Level 9 Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Jessie Kirk 7th 16th 6th 14th 14th
Zhimei Ross 19th 17th 17th 16th


Level 8 Vault Bars Beam Floor AA
Alice Johnson 12th 14th 17th 9th 9th
Chloe Horgan 13th 7th 12th 7th 3rd