2024 Border Challenge Results!

Last week, nine of our gymnasts competed as part of Team Victoria for the 2024 Border Challenge. The competition, which took place in Queensland and included gymnasts from all over the country, was a great success.

The Level 7 team included Tiffany, Anna, Mia, Paige and Makaela, while the Level 8 team featured Khloe and Amanda.

Team Victoria took home the silver in Level 7, with Paige receiving bronze on the beam. Level 8 team member Khloe took home the silver with her vault.

We are so proud of the girls' hard work and dedication and look forward to seeing their progress at the next competition!


Day 1 Team Results:

Level 7 Navy (Anna, Tiffany and Makaela)- Silver
Level 7 White (Paige and Mia)- 7th

Day 2 Individual Results:

Level 7:

Makaela T- 11th All-Around, 43rd Vault, 8th Bars, 10th Beam, 26th Floor
Anna Y- 13th All-Around, 19th Vault, 17th Bars, 19th Beam, 13th Floor
Tiffany C- 25th All-Around, 13th Vault, 15th Bars, 43rd Beam, 20th Floor
Paige H- 29th All-Around, 37th Vault, 38th Bars, 3rd Beam, 21st Floor

Level 8:

Khloe R- 7th All-Around, 2nd Vault, 8th Bars, 26th Beam, 8th Floor
Amanda Y- 19th All-Around, 20th Vault, 13th Bars, 14th Beam, 19th Floor