Border Challenge Level 7 Trial- Results!

This past weekend, our Level 7s competed in the trials for the Border Challenge Competition. These trials will determine which gymnasts will compete in the competition 25th-27th of June.

In the trials, coaches and parents are unable to see any scores other than the difficulty scores—regardless, we are so proud of every gymnast and the amazing effort they displayed this weekend.

A big thank you to our coaches, Victoria and Sage, for their leadership this weekend!

Day 1:
All Around: 2nd Paige, 3rd Anna
Vault: 1st Mia, 2nd Olivia, 3rd Paige
Bars: 2nd Anna
Beam: 1st Arielle, 2nd Anna, 3rd Paige
Floor: 2nd Tiffany, 3rd Paige

Day 2:
All Around: 1st Anna, 2nd Makaela, 3rd Tiffany
Vault: 1st Tiffany and Mia, 3rd Olivia
Bars: 1st Anna, 2nd Makaela
Beam: 1st Tiffany, 2nd Arielle, 3rd Makaela
Floor: 1st Anna, 2nd Tiffany, 3rd Paige