Eclipse Invite 2024 Results!

Level 8s
Level 5s
Level 7s

This past weekend, WGC squad members from Levels 5, 7 and 8 competed in the Eclipse Invitational. We are so proud of all of the gymnasts' hard work and look forward to continued progress. And a huge thank you to our coaches- Sage, Victoria and Phil, way to go, Waverley!

Congratulations to our level 5 athletes Giulia and Meg who competed at their first competition this year! The athletes had a fantastic day, and a highlight was both girls connecting their bar routines! Great job ladies!

We had some brilliant performances by our level 7 girls, with the added incentive to send off coach Sage in style. Commencing on Bars, the group nailed back-to-back routines and managed to tidy up their errors from warm up. Beam took a few prisoners, but they collectively managed to either stay on or overcome nerves from an initial fall. Everyone on Vault competed handspring, making for a little friendly competition amongst the group. No major errors occurred with feedback from both Sage and Phil serving beneficial on the second vault. Floor was a highlight with strong performances from all athletes in the squad. Landings, tumbles, and artistry we all on display, resulting in very high all-round scores for majority of the team. Shoutout to Farida for sticking her side aerial in her routine, Celine for doing her back handspring for the first time in competition this year, and to Naomi for hitting her clear circle to handstand! Well done everyone!

The Level 8 athletes achieved some great milestones with Paige Tiffany Makael and Amanda competiting for the first time their Tsukahara vault. Congratulations to Arielle Anna Greta Paige and Tiffany on passing their Level 8. The athletes finished strong with beautiful artistry and clean performance on floor.


Level 7:
Vault- 1st Mia, 3rd Olivia G
Bars- 1st Farida, 2nd Cayla, 3rd Olivia G
Beam- 2nd Celine, 3rd Olivia T
Floor- 1st Celine, 2nd Farida, 3rd Yun
All Around- 2nd Olivia G, 3rd Cayla

Waverley Red Level 7- Cayla, Yun, Olivia G, Celine
Waverley Blue Level 7- Mia, Farida, Naomi, Olivia T

Level 8:
Vault- 1st Tiffany, 2nd Lily, 3rd Paige
Bars- 1st Makaela, 2nd Paige, 3rd Tiffany
Beam- 1st Arielle, 3rd Tiffany
Floor- 1st Paige, 2nd Makaela, 3rd Tiffany and Anna
All Around- 1st Tiffany, 2nd Paige, 3rd Makaela

Waverley Blue Level 8- Makaela, Arielle, Tiffany, and Amanda
Waverley Red Level 8- Anna, Paige, Lilly, and Greta