Victorian selection for 27 Waverley gymnasts

The past month has seen a number of Waverley gymnasts trialling for selection on the Victorian State Team. The standard of competition has been very high and we are very pleased with each and every athlete from Waverley - well done to you all!

Congratulations to the following staff and athletes who have been selected to represent Victoria at the Australian Championships in May.

LEVEL 7: Hanano Sakamoto, Olina Karatzias, Sabine Dunstone, Zhimei Ross, Megan Kohler (reserve)

LEVEL 8: Abigayle Huang, Scarlett Magnanini

LEVEL 9: Marina Yamazaki, Sophie Hunter

LEVEL 10: Caitlyn Montgomery, Rachel Laval, Rebekah Chen, Ella Winder, Grace Gill

LEVEL 9 UNDER: Alex Mills

FUTURE INTERNATIONAL: Miella Brown, Sumer Daly, Zoe Nitsiopoulos, Charlotte Shin

SENIOR INTERNATIONAL: Emily Whitehead, Kate McDonald, Kiara Munteanu, Talia Folino, Romi Brown, Macy Pegoli

OFFICIALS: John Hart (Head Coach), Jessica Haintz (Assistant Head Coach), Jessica Mason (Team Coach), Arlene Hunsdale (Team Coach), Victoria Whitehead (Judge)

BORDER CHALLENGE: Congratulations also to Chloe Fua, Megan Kohler and Edith Penman who have been selected to represent Victoria in June at the Border Challenge in Calloundra, Queensland.