Talia Folino


Senior International Gymnast

Name: Talia Folino

Level: Senior International

Birthplace: Melbourne

DOB: 18/5/2001

Nickname: Tals

University: Long Island University, New York

Motto: Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard

Most admired sportsperson? Aly Raisman

Favourite music? Pop and RNB

Favourite movie/TV shows? Lucifer, Grey's Anatomy, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, One Tree Hill


What is your pet hate? Slurping

If you were famous who would you be and why? Beyonce, because she's an empowering woman and an amazing singer, I wish I could sing!

Best piece of advice you've ever received? Don't compare your life to others, everyone's journey is different, just trust the process.

When and why did you start gymnastics? 3 years old. My parents put me in because I was always jumping around.

First gymnastics club? Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre

Who is your current coach? John Hart

What is the most important thing your coach has taught you? To take everything day by day and not to worry about things you can't control.

Favourite thing about Waverley? The supportive coaches and having such a great facility to train in.

Biggest challenge you've overcome so far? Breaking my toe in 2018 and coming back to make the World Championships team in 2019.

Favourite apparatus? Floor

Favourite skill? Double layout on floor, or Tkatchevs on bars

Most difficult skill to learn? Yurchenko double twist vault

One skill you would most love to learn? Double lay full on floor

Proudest gymnastics achievement? Making my first World Championships team in 2017, and competing my Yurchenko double twist on vault at Nationals in 2018.

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