Sama Ahmed

Sama Ahmed

Junior International Gymnast

Quick Facts:

Birthplace: Egypt

DOB: 09/12/2005

Nickname: Soma

School: Mount Waverley Secondary College

Motto: “Just try your best and the rest will work itself out”

Most admired sportsperson? Mikaela Maroney

Favourite music? Pop

Favourite movie/TV shows? Teen Wolf

What is your pet hate? People who talk with food in their mouth

If you were famous who would you be and why? I would be a mix of Emma chamberlain and Taylor swift

Best piece of advice you've ever received? "Learn to laugh at yourself and just enjoy the journey."

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Training Information: 

When and why did you start gymnastics? My mum put me in a junior gym class in Egypt where i got selected for Squad and just fell in love with the sport

First gymnastics club? Club in Egypt call Alam Al Ryadah

Who were your developmental coaches? Coaches from Egypt!

Who is your current coach? Mr Yang and Jess Haintz

What is the most important thing your coach has taught you? That I need to believe in myself and trust my body if I want to be successful in training and competitions

Favourite thing about Waverley? The community

Best apparatus? Vault

Favourite skill? Yurchenko Layout

Most difficult skill to learn? Blind change on bars

One skill you would most love to learn? Yurchenko 1 and a 1/2


Most Significant:

Best National Performance: National Clubs 2023

Best International Performance: Competing in Dubai for the middle eastern cup in 2016

Proudest gymnastics achievement? Competing in Dubai for the middle eastern cup!

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