CSG Policies

Waverley Gymnastics Centre (WGC) is committed to the care and wellbeing of our gymnasts, staff, and families. WGC has implemented a series of child safe policies to ensure the highest of standards are promoted and adhered to in protecting our gymnasts. In achieving best practice, WGC policies apply to all WGC athletes regardless of their age.

WGC employs a Child Safeguarding & Wellbeing Manager, and a volunteer Child Safeguarding & Wellbeing Committee Officer to support our gymnasts and members in this essential area. These key individuals ensure WGC’s policies and procedures are constantly reviewed and compliant with the governing bodies, state and national legislation and standards.

All WGC employees, volunteers and committee members are required to adhere to Gymnastics Austalia’s National Integrity Framework, Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy, Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy and Member Protection Policy, to ensure the highest standards are achieved in respect to the protection and safety of all participants. Additionally, all WGC employees and committee members are required to adhere to the Gymnastics Australia Child Safe Practices Booklet. If at any point you feel these policies have not been upheld, please contact us.

In addition to this, WGC has a number of additional supporting policies and documents that have been created specifically to further support our members. Under any circumstance, WGC policies supersede GA policies and any other relevant documents.