Grace Gill


Level 10 Gymnast

Name: Grace Gill

Level: Level 10

Birthplace: Melbourne

DOB: 20/2/2004

Nickname: GG/Gracie

School: Eltham High School

Motto: Give it a go

Most admired sportsperson? David Morris & Elizabeth Gardner

Favourite music? Dandelions

Favourite movie/TV shows? Grey's Anatomy

Grace Gill

Best piece of advice you've ever received? Don't let people tell you that you can't do that.

When and why did you start gymnastics? 2 years old. I started because I couldn't sit still.

First gymnastics club? Jets Gymnastics

Who is your current coach? Jess Haintz and Mr Yang

What is the most important thing your coach has taught you? Everything's important

Favourite thing about Waverley? The friends I've made

Biggest challenge you've overcome so far? Not being in the gym during COVID-19

Favourite apparatus? Floor and Vault

Favourite skill? Everything

Most difficult skill to learn? Haven't learnt it yet!

One skill you would most love to learn? Everything

Proudest gymnastics achievement? Winning Level 9 All Around at the 2017 Victorian Championships

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