2019 Australian Championships Wrap-up

The WAG component of the 2019 Australian Gymnastics Championships was held from Monday 20th – Sunday 26th May at Melbourne Arena. Well done to all of the Waverley gymnasts who were selected to represent Victoria, and put in such wonderful performances – we are very proud of you all!

Special congratulations to the following:

  • Jessica Eland – Level 9 Bars Australian Champion
  • Miella Brown – Future International All Around, Vault, Bars and Floor Australian Champion
  • Charlotte Shin – Future International Beam Australian Champion
  • Emily Whitehead – Selected on to WAG National Squad
  • Kate McDonald – Selected on to WAG National Squad
  • Jeb Silsbury & Jessica Mason − International Development Coaching Team of the Year


(Note - full results can be found on the Gymnastics Australia website by clicking here)

Level 8:
Michaela Rodrigues - 2nd Team, 11th All Around, 16th Vault, 17th Bars, 2nd Beam, 18th Floor

Level 9:
Jessica Eland - 2nd Team, 1st Bars, 4th Beam
Edith Penman - 2nd Team, 9th All Around, 7th Vault, 13th Bars, 8th Beam, 18th Floor

Level 9 Under:
Olina Karatzias - 2nd Team, 7th All Around, 30th Vault, 5th Bars, 2nd Beam, =20th Floor

Level 10:
Grace Gill - 11th All Around, 7th Vault, 13th Bars, 15th Beam, 21st Floor

Future International:
Miella Brown - 1st Team, 1st All Around, 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 1st Floor
Charlotte Shin - 1st Team, 2nd All Around, 11th Vault, 3rd Bars, 1st Beam, 5th Floor
Zoe Nitsiopoulos - 1st Team, 7th All Around, 13th Vault, 7th Bars, 7th Beam, =8th Floor
Alex Mills - 20th All Around, 22nd Vault, 19th Bars, 18th Beam, 18th Floor

Senior International:
Emily Whitehead - 1st Team, 4th All Around, 4th Bars, 4th Beam, 9th Floor
Kate McDonald - 1st Team, 5th All Around, 3rd Bars, 5th Beam, 8th Floor
Talia Folino - 1st Team, 6th All Around, 5th Bars, 10th Beam, 13th Floor
Rebekah Chen - 1st Team, 10th All Around, 10th Bars, 8th Beam, 12th Floor
Romi Brown - 1st Team, 8th Bars, 16th Floor
Macy Pegoli - 14th Bars, 9th Beam