2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships

2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships

The WAG component of the 2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships were held from Monday 18th-Sunday 24th May at Hisense Arena in Melbourne. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Waverley gymnasts who were selected to represent Victoria! Throughout an incredible week, some of the biggest highlights were:

  • In the National stream, Waverley gymnasts won 7 individual medals, including the Level 8 Vault National Champion, and 3 team medals, including the Level 9 and Level 10 National team titles.
  • Waverley gymnasts won 4 of the 5 All Around National Titles in the International stream.
  • Of the 20 Apparatus Titles up for grabs in the International Stream, Waverley gymnasts won 12 of these.
  • Overall, Waverley International stream gymnasts won 23 medals, more than any other International stream program in Australia!

A selection of photos can be found on the Waverley Gymnastics Centre Competitive Facebook page, and full results are available on theGymnastics Australia website.

Waverley related results:

National Level 8:The Victorian Level 8 Team, featuring Emily Chinnock, Brooke Berriman and Arden Juricskay, placed 3rd team in Australia. Emily (13 & Under) placed 2nd AA, 1st Vt, 2nd Br, 4th Bm & 3rd Fx. Brooke (14 & Over) placed 22nd AA, 22nd Vt, 14th Br, =24th Bm & 9th Fx.

National Level 9:The Victorian Level 9 Team, featuring Bailee Hunsdale and Logan Sharrock, placed 1st team in Australia. Bailee (14 & Under) placed 3rd AA, 4th Vt, 5th Br, 2nd Bm & 5th Fx. Logan (15 & Over) placed 18th AA, =15th Vt, 16th Br, 18th Bm & 19th Fx.

National Level 10:TheVictorian Level 10 Team, featuring Taylah Laval, placed 1st team in Australia. Taylah (16 & Over) placed 7th AA, 2nd Vt, 6th Br, 19th Bm & 7th Fx.

IDP 8:TheVictorian IDP 8 Team placed 2nd team in Australia. Meisie Bakhach placed 1st AA, 3rd Vt, 1st Br, 1st Bm & 2nd Fx. Sarsha Hughes placed 9th AA, 7th Vt, =15th Br, 9th Bm & =13th Fx. Natasjia Voulanas placed 15th AA, =8th Vt, =13th Br, 29th Bm & 8th Fx. Emily Weir placed =16th AA, 23rd Vt, 7th Br, 23rd Bm & 26th Fx.

IDP 9:The Victorian IDP 9 Team placed 1st team in Australia. Romi Brown placed 1st AA, 1st Vt, 1st Br, 9th Bm & 2nd Fx. Rebekah Chenplaced 4th AA, 4th Vt, 10th Br, =4th Bm & 1st Fx. Ella Hughes placed 6th AA, 3rd Vt, 7th Br, 3rd Bm & 9th Fx. Mia Banks placed 8th AA, 9th Vt, 11th Br, 2nd Bm & =10th Fx. Amanda Cordeiro placed 12th AA, =11th Vt, 4th Br, 12th Bm & 13th Fx. Ruby Honrado placed 13th AA, =11th Vt, 12th Br, 13th Bm & 8th Fx.

IDP 10:The Victorian IDP 10 Team placed 1st team in Australia. Nina Phan placed 1st AA, 5th Vt, 1st Br, 1st Bm & 4th Fx. Caitlyn Montgomery placed 3rd AA, 10th Vt, 3rd Br, 5th Bm & 7th Fx. Sarah Melsom placed 11th AA, 1st Vt, 14th Br, 9th Bm & 6th Fx. 

Junior International:The Victorian Junior International Team placed 1st team in Australia. Emily Whitehead placed 1st AA, 3rd Vt, 1st Br, 2nd Bm & 1st Fx. Talia Folino placed 2nd AA, 1st Vt, 2nd Br, 1st Bm & 2nd Fx. Jade Vella-Wright placed 5th AA, 5th Vt, 5th Br, 7th Bm & 5th Fx.

Senior International:The Victorian Senior International Team placed 1st team in Australia. Eliza Freeman placed 4th AA, 7th Vt, 8th Br, 5th Bm & 5th Fx.