Hanano Sakamoto

Level 10 Gymnast

Quick Facts:

Name: Hanano Sakamoto

Level: 10

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

DOB: 19/12/2004

Nickname: Hayno

School: Mount Waverley Secondary College

Motto: "discomfort = growth"

Most admired sportsperson? Naomi Osaka

Favourite music? Everything 🙂

Favourite movie/TV shows? Mamma Mia

What is your pet hate? People who chew really loudly

If you were famous who would you be and why? I would be the Rock because he has drive, power and hunger

Best piece of advice you've ever received? "Every mistake you make is a new learning curve"

Training Information: 

When and why did you start gymnastics? I started gymnastics when I was six because my mum asked me if I wanted to try it out for fun

First gymnastics club? Twisters Gymnastics

Who were your developmental coaches? Sarah Reid (Twisters Gymnastics)

Who is your current coach? Mr Yang and Jess Haintz

What is the most important thing your coach has taught you? To have faith in yourself because your body will always know exactly what to do

Favourite thing about Waverley? The amazing training atmosphere and the lifelong friendships I have been able to make

Best apparatus? Vault and Bars

Favourite skill? Double tuck dismount off bars

Most difficult skill to learn? Geinger

One skill you would most love to learn? Double layout dismount off bars


Most Significant:

Best National Perfomance: 2021 Nationals

Proudest gymnastics achievement? Winning 2021 Nationals Level 9 All Around