DTB Pokal 2024 Team Results!

For the last two weeks, the WAG Australian Team has trained in Germany at the Stuttgart 2019 facility in the lead up to the DTB Pokal. This international competition brought out the world's best and brightest in the gymnastics realm and two of Waverley's very own gymnasts, Breanna Scott and Emily Whitehead, had a chance to flex their skills.

We want to congratulate all of Team Australia- Georgia Godwin, Kate McDonald, Ruby Pass, Breanna Scott, and Emily Whitehead- on all their hard work and success. A very big thanks to all the coaches from across the country that helped in this Aussie victory, including Waverley Gymnastics Centre Coach, Yusuf Topari.


Kate McDonald - 14,550 (2nd)
Emily Whitehead - 12,450 (14th)
Georgia Godwin - 12,650 (12th)
Ruby Pass - 12,100

Kate McDonald - 13,600 (7th)
Breanna Scott - 13,800 (5th)
Georgia Godwin - 13,850 (4th)
Ruby Pass - 12,600 (13th)

Emily Whitehead - 12,800 (12th)
Georgia Godwin - 13,250 (2nd)
Ruby Pass - 12,500 (17th)

Emily Whitehead - 11,650
Breanna Scott - 12,900
Georgia Godwin - 13,425 (1st)
Ruby Pass - 13,650

159,450 - 2nd Place