2024 Victorian Championship Results!

Over the weekend, our level 8 to Senior International gymnasts competed successfully at the Victorian Championships in Geelong! All of their hard work and preparation paid off with our gymnasts showing exceptional performances and impressive sportsmanship throughout the weekend. We are so proud of our Waverley gymnasts!

One of the highlights of the weekend, included our three Paris Olympics contenders Breanna Scott, Emily Whitehead and Romi Brown, not only wowing the crowds with their incredible routines but taking Gold, Silver and Bronze, respectively, in the All Around for Senior International!!

Another highlight was our Level 9 and 10 gymnasts stealing the show at the Team Spectacular winning the All Around and all 4 apparatuses whilst having a blast at the same time! The Waverley gymnasts competed as ‘the Incredibles’, with our very own coach Victoria as Edna herself.

Our level 9, Junior International, and Senior International teams were all named State Champion Teams and across the levels we had 8 Waverley gymnasts crowned individual Victorian Champions and 28 winning individual Victorian championships medals!!!!

Congrats also to all of our gymnasts that qualified for the Australian Championships being held in Queensland 9th – 22nd May!

Thank you so much to the coaches for their hard work and dedication to helping our gymnasts shine.


Team Spectacular:
1st vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st overall

Senior International Team: 
1st vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st overall

Senior International: 
Breanna S: 2nd vault, 2nd bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st overall
Emily W: 4th vault, 4th bars, 2nd beam, 2nd floors, 2nd overall
Romi B: 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 4th beam, 3rd tie floor, 3rd overall
Michaela R: 6th vault, 8th* bars, 7th beam, 6th* floor, 7th overall

Junior International Team :
1st vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st overall

Junior International:
Haylee W: 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 5th beam, 1st floor, 1st overall
Alice J: 6th vault, 2nd bars, 1st beam, 5th floor, 3rd overall
Abigail T: 4th vault, 7th tie bars, 2nd beam, 7th floor, 5th overall
Keira W: 7th vault, 7th tie bars, 4th beam, 6th floor, 7th overall
Chloe H: 8th* vault, 6th bars, 9th* beam, 8th* floor, 9th overall

Level 10 Div 1:
Chloe K: 14th vault, 8th bars, 11th beam, 12th floor, 11th overall
Matilda B: 2nd vault, 16th bars, 18th beam, 4th tie floor, 19th overall

Level 9 Div 1 Team:
1st vault, 2nd bars, 1st beam, 1st floor, 1st overall

Level 9 Div 1:
Brooke C: 9th tie vault, 2nd bars, 5th beam, 2nd floor, 1st overall
Jaella K: 1st vault, 9th bars, 2nd beam, 4th tie floor, 2nd overall
Vonnie X: 2nd vault, 16th bars, 11th beam, 3rd floor, 5th overall
Danelle V: 7th tie vault, 17th tie bars, 17th beam, 22nd floor, 18th overall

Level 8 Div 1 Team:
4th vault, 5th bars, 4th beam, 4th floor, 4th overall

Level 8 Div 1:
Amanda Y: 14th vault, 12th tie bars, 9th beam, 3rd tie floor, 10th overall
Khloe R: 15th vault, 13th tie bars, 5th tie beam, 11th tie floor, 13th overall
Alexandria M: 8th tie vault, 16th bars, 15th tie beam, 17th floor, 16th overall
Lily F: 10th vault, 7th bars, 24th beam, 24th floor, 23rd overall

Level 8 Div 2 Part A and B:
Maisie B: 26th tie vault, 12th bars, 6th tie beam, 9th tie floor, 11th overall
Mia M: 13th vault, 17th tie bars, 25th tie beam, 31st tie floor, 32nd overall