2018 National Clubs Carnival

The 2018 National Clubs Carnival was held at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre from 13th September - 7th October. The Carnival included the Australian Classic event for Level 9 to Senior International gymnasts, and the Women's Artistic Gymnastics competition for Level 5 to 10 gymnasts. Based on the combined results for all levels, Waverley placed an amazing THIRD overall in the ‘WAG Champion Club’ rankings! Well done to all gymnasts and coaches involved throughout the competition who have all contributed to this wonderful result!

A special mention to our Level 10 Team who were crowned National Clubs Level 10 Champion Team, Macy Pegoli who was crowned Level 10 All Around, Vault and Bars Champion, and Imogen Hammer who was crowned Level 9 (Under 13) All Around, Bars and Beam Champion!!



Level 9: 

Imogen: 1st All Around, 8th Vault, 1st Bars, =1st Beam and =2nd Floor

Olina: 12th All Around, 15th Vault, 9th Bars, 11th Beam and 10th Floor

Senior International:

Emily: 3rd All Around, 4th Bars, 4th Beam, 2nd Floor

Kiara: 7th All Around, =5th Bars, 10th Beam, 7th Floor


WAG LEVEL 5-10 RESULTS (team only for Level 5-8, team & individual for Level 10):

Level 5 Blue Team (Jimena, Lily, Bianca, Siena, Haylee & Jaimee): 9th AA, 14th Vault, 10th Bars, 3rd Beam, 13th Floor

Level 5 Red Team (Olivia, Sofia, Sayuni & Mia): 20th AA

Level 6 Blue Team (Indi G, Lily, Leandra, Mikaela, Klaudia & Chloe): 8th AA, 14th Vault, 2nd Bars, 10th Beam, 12th Floor

Level 6 Red Team (Maddi, Indi I & Remi): 15th AA

Level 7 Team (Alyssa, Jessie, Keira, Madi, Megan, Sabine & Zhimei): 4th AA, 11th Vault, 3rd Bars, 4th Beam, 8th Floor

Level 8 Blue Team (Edith, Phoebe A, Sophia, Abigayle & Olivia): 15th AA, 21st Vault, 15th Bars, 4th Beam, =17th Floor

Level 8 Red Team (Sky, Chloe & Phoebe C): 19th AA, 13th Vault, 21st Bars, 9th Beam, 22nd Floor

Special mention to Edith who won a “Stick It” award for three circle skills on bars in a row!

Level 10 Team (Macy, Caitlyn, Ella, Emily, Jess & Sophie): 1st AA, 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor

Level 10 Individual:

Macy: 1st All Around, 1st Vault, 1st Bars, =15th Beam, 7th Floor

Caitlyn: 3rd All Around, 18th Vault, 2nd Bars, 8th Beam, 6th Floor

Ella: 23rd All Around, 20th Vault, 3rd Bars, =37th Beam, 65th Floor

Emily: 30th All Around, 74th Vault, 8th Bars, 21st Beam, 25th Floor

Jess: 44th All Around, 70th Vault, =33rd Bars, =26th Beam, =50th Floor

Sophie: 55th All Around, =53rd Vault, 57th Bars, 52nd Beam, 56th Floor