Rebekah Chen


Level 10 Gymnast

Name: Rebekah Chen

Level: Level 10

Birthplace: Melbourne

DOB: 31/10/2002

Nickname: Bek

School: Balwyn High School

Motto: “It doesn’t matter what the end results are, it matters if you did your best or not.” – Ian Pope

Most admired sportsperson? Roger Federer

Favourite music? I don’t have a favourite genre but my favourite song at the moment is ‘Today, Tomorrow & Forever’

Favourite movie/TV shows? Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What is your pet hate? Being behind a slow swimmer

If you were famous who would you be and why? Reese Witherspoon – she is not afraid to speak her mind, accept others’ opinions and stand up for what is right while maintaining discretion. She is a positive influence on many young girls and women. Reese has accomplished huge things in her career but she has also helped advocate for children and women’s rights.

Best piece of advice you've ever received? Control what you can control.

When and why did you start gymnastics? I began at age 5 because the gym was at the end of the street and I wanted to be like my older sister.

First gymnastics club? Balwyn Leisure Centre

Who are your current coaches? Jeb Silsbury and Jessica Mason

What is the most important thing your coach has taught you? To never give up even if it is a hard day.

Favourite thing about Waverley? The competition leotard.

Biggest challenge you've overcome so far? A fracture in my back.

Favourite apparatus? Beam and Floor

Favourite skill? Yurchenko Layout Full and Pak

Most difficult skill to learn? Tkatchev

One skill you would most love to learn? Double Layout and Shaposhnikova

Proudest gymnastics achievement? Having the opportunity to travel with the Junior National Team to Beijing for a training camp in 2016 and being invited to go to a Senior National Team training camp in 2019.

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